7 Secrets of Great Leaders | Book | Lorraine Warne | Kate Kirk
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 7 Secrets of Great Leaders

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A learning and development experience: read the book, reinforce with online video modules, retain with mentoring and/or coaching.  

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Pearson Business Book Monthly Book Club Live (20th Feb 2024) Webinar

Learn more about Secret 6.  Great leaders know the true source of good communication skills. 
A few examples from the feedback of over 230 people watching the webinar. 
  • This was a great event! I enjoyed learning how to look at things from a different perspective.
  • Very interesting. Need to read the book!
  • I have received similar training from PMI. It is useful in my daily interactions particularly when I join a new team.
  • Great examples, thank you.
Learn more from a leader who wants to make a difference to your leadership skills in the 5-minute espresso podcast section.

I highly recommend working with Cambridge Inner Game Leadership, to anyone who wants to master the art of communication, make a real difference in their life, as well as the opportunity to have a positive impact on others. It’s transformational.   I learned so much about myself and whilst I’m a self aware, positive and open minded person by nature, I came away from the course with an even broader perspective and with useful and practical experience and tools that I can apply easily and effectively.

Melissa Hooper, Programme Planning Director Projects & Change Management, Rathbone Brothers Plc, London, England