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Our World | Inner Game Leadership | Lorraine Warne | Cambridge
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Our World | Inner Game Leadership | Lorraine Warne | Cambridge
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Our World | Inner Game Leadership | Lorraine Warne | Cambridge
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Our World | Inner Game Leadership | Lorraine Warne | Cambridge
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Experiences at Cambridge Inner Game Leadership

David Russell
Director of The Fusion Works, Cambridge, England.

After being on the leadership learning experience for a 12 month period and having signed up for another 12 months due to the positive impact around my personal development within leadership, I have put together a testimonial below:

The feedback from the team recently is that I now do things differently, especially as being part of the team. Basically the feedback is that I am less argumentative and I can now help other team members solve and avoid conflict with others. I enjoy my role and my work much more too and get greater satisfaction out of working. I am happier within myself, as I now understand how I work.

This has also had a ripple effect on my home life. A great deal of this is because of the different Mindset I now have. To be honest the biggest change I can see in myself is the change of Mindset. I now take ownership and responsibility for my behavior.

Specifically: In terms of managing – we have a lot of work on and instead of being directive I was able to delegate more easily. I now know that leading is not always by being in charge, but delegating to the right people. This leadership learning experience has helped me gain the right tools and knowledge now to be able to do this.

In terms of learning the motivation and using the team motivational map – this was incredibly instructive, especially because of seeing the other motivational maps of the team and being able to identify common areas. It has also made me realize how others work. It gave me terminology to use and a common theme of reference. There are lots of little things though that I have learnt and the learning has now become habit forming behavior form me, which helps any hectic times I have in work become more easily managed.

David’s Experience

In this video David Russell shares some of his experiences whilst completing the Leadership learning experience with Cambridge Inner Game Leadership Ltd.


I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to master the art of communication, make a real difference in their life, as well as the opportunity to have a positive impact on others. It’s transformational.   I learned so much about myself and whilst I’m a self aware, positive and open minded person by nature, I came away from the course with an even broader perspective and with useful and practical experience and tools that I can apply easily and effectively.

Melissa Hooper, Programme Planning Director Projects & Change Management, Rathbone Brothers Plc, London, England


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