Read the book, reinforce the leadership learning by completing the relevant online modules, retain  the knowledge by investing in a mentoring and/or coaching session. Listen to the 5-minute espresso podcasts, where other leaders share their experiences with success and failure. 

7 Secrets of Great Leaders

We want to support you and help you make a difference for future generations.

Read the book – 7 Secrets of Great Leaders to learn about leading self.  This is the first step to great leadership.  If you don’t know how to lead yourself, how can you lead others and organisations?

When you have your own stories to share with us, do let us know and we can then share with others on this page.  At the beginning of every month we will update and add new information so you can personally make a difference to other leaders.

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Great leaders are made, not born:

The best leaders know that learning continues through out their careers and it doesn’t stop when they get to the top.  They have a grown mindset – they are open to ideas, willing to learn, empathetic and proactive.  7 Secrets of great Leaders will be part of the learning process to home in on the skills that underpin a growth mindset.  This is a book that shares knowledge on what great leaders know to get to the top.

Good leaders have the:
  • Enthusiasm to learn – having a ‘Growth’ mindset and fearful only of losing out on opportunities
  • Commitment to their own success by investing in the reinforcement learning 50-minute engagement video linked to each secret
  • Take our 10  minutes, 3 times a week to listen to other great leaders sharing their thoughts on leadership
  • Invest in themselves with short coaching sessions to keep themselves in just the right place to keep others motivated within their organisation
The 7 Secrets are:
  • Secret 1. Great leaders practice mindfulness
  • Secret 2. Great leaders practice powerful attention/focus
  • Secret 3. Great leaders know how to master their emotional response/control
  • Secret 4. Great leaders know the roots of motivation
  • Secret 5. Great leaders know how to stay on the front foot/reframing
  • Secret 6. Great leaders know the true source of good communication skills
  • Secret 7. Great leaders understand and work on their emotional intelligence

Clients include Microsoft Research & Microsoft Education

A Cambridge Inner Game Leadership client shares how we helped benefit her and her team.

This was very useful for me, because I began to really think about managing and coaching on an individual basis. I now have the tools to be an even better leader, manager and coach. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to increase their personal performance and get even better at what they do. Which in turn will help increase the results and profits of an organisation.

Ryan McDonald - Senior Business Development Manager., St. James' Place Wealth Management - City Office, London, England.