So now you have read the book, reinforce your leadership learning by completing the relevant online modules. You can then retain your knowledge by investing in a mentoring and/or a coaching session.  At the end, the 5-minute espresso podcasts, are where other leaders share their leadership expertise.  

7 Secrets of Great Leaders

We want to support you and help you make a difference for future generations.

Reinforce your leadership learning by investing in:
  • Secret 1. Great leaders practice mindfulness online learning
  • Secret 2. Great leaders practice powerful attention/focus online learning
  • Secret 3. Great leaders know how to master their emotional response/control online learning
  • Secret 4. Great leaders know the roots of motivation online learning
  • Secret 5. Great leaders know how to stay on the front foot/reframing online learning
  • Secret 6. Great leaders know the true source of good communication skills online learning
  • Secret 7. Great leaders understand and work on their emotional intelligence online learning

Claire’s Experience

In this video Claire Davis, People of Operations at Omidyar Network, discusses her leadership learning with Cambridge Inner Game Leadership.

I now have tools and mechanisms that I can apply on a day to day basis, when working with colleagues, project teams and customers.  My team has benefited quite a lot, because I have become a better manager/leader and although I am working in different teams across four or five different projects, through self-awareness and reflection with the help of CIGL, I’ve been able to understand different perspectives and how I can integrate it so that I can achieve the project goals.

Scarlet Schwiderski-Grosche, Principal Research Program Manager, Microsoft Research.