Our Aim: is to help you reach your purpose, retain your practice and realign your learning pathways for your leadership skills. 

How: We connect practical leadership with neuroscience and mindfulness, by introducing you to the Cambridge Inner Game Leadership learning methodology. We provide an original approach to leadership development, linked to the University of Cambridge’s latest research on mindfulness and have lecturers who are experts in neuroscience education.

Leading The Organisation – Bespoke Programmes

  • A bespoke programme whereby we design a leadership science learning experience for your needs.

  • You can have an online leadership science experience using our live online teaching platform, where you can interact with your peers in a safe environment from your own home, or in an environment of your choice.

  • If you prefer an offline or blended type of learning experience, we can arrange this for you and your team too.

  • Additional resource if needed – 11 months of leadership active coaching to reinforce learning – once a month with peers.

  • We can work around your needs.

Claire’s Experience

In this video Claire Davis, People of Operations at Omidyar Network, discusses her leadership learning with Cambridge Inner Game Leadership (CIGL).  Claire is a member of the CIGL alumni.

I now have tools and mechanisms that I can apply on a day to day basis, when working with colleagues, project teams and customers.  My team has benefited quite a lot, because I have become a better manager/leader and although I am working in different teams across four or five different projects, through self-awareness and reflection with the help of CIGL, I’ve been able to understand different perspectives and how I can integrate it so that I can achieve the project goals.

Scarlet Schwiderski-Grosche, Principal Research Program Manager, Microsoft Research.


A bespoke leadership and management syllabus of leadership learning, specifically designed for your organisation.