Cambridge Inner Game Leadership specialises in Neuro & Mindfulness Leadership training for today’s 21st Century Learning Development Professional.

Dear Carl,

Cambridge IGL is a leadership community enabling people to learn how to lead themselves, lead others and lead the organization.

The innovative pedagogical methods used, enable a delegate to access, retain new learning and establish habit forming leadership and management skills once returning to work. The ripple effect of this is that the leadership learning has not failed and is used instead within a work environment, which in the long term provides a better term of investment for the individual and organization.

An ILM Level 5 leadership qualification can also be obtained as part of the learning experience.

Reasons for attending:

Would you like to be part of the team and become a specialist/expert in using the Cambridge IGL resources to help others to lead themselves, their teams and organisations?

Would you like to make a difference to people? Help them avoid stress, increase performance and help them gain happiness, peace and enjoyment whilst on the journey?

Would you like to be recognised as a quality Learning Development Professional by gaining tools and techniques to help others retain the new learning, so that it can become positive habit forming behaviours for them?

Why become a Cambridge IGL qualified Leadership Practitioner?

  • Enjoy your own personal development journey and become expert at using and teaching all the stand alone, tried and tested modules to others

  • Have constant support, mentoring and expert advice from the Cambridge IGL team for any questions you may have

  • Have autonomy by using your own Virtual Learning Environment on the Cambridge IGL website to use with your own delegates

  • Be part of a network to maximise and increase connections

  • Be a qualified Cambridge IGL Leadership & Management Practitioner – recognised by the Institute and Leadership and Management (ILM)

  • Have access to all the ILM resources

  • Have unlimited Motivational Maps and Neuro Advanced Communication Preference questionnaires as required for individuals, teams and organisations

  • Have access to all the Cambridge brochures and testimonials for marketing to enable you to have a flying start when running your own business as a sole proprietor

How would you become a Cambridge IGL qualified Leadership & Management Practitioner?

  • You will have 5 days of training on the tools & techniques, so that you can use all the resources at hand such as; slides, workbooks and training guides

  • Have the support of monthly coaching sessions for your own personal development for 11 months

  • Learn how to access the Virtual Learning Environment and set up your own personal VLE on the Cambridge IGL website

  • Learn how to analyse the Motivational Map platform for individuals, teams and organisations

  • Learn how to analyse the Neuro Advanced Communication Preference platform for individuals and teams

  • Learn how to share Mindfulness knowledge to others to stop stress and promote good health

Why Us?

Cambridge IGL is a Team of Leadership Specialists, experienced in working with Fellows and PhD students at the University of Cambridge and Senior Managers at Microsoft Research

All the syllabus design writers for the Cambridge IGL resources are either currently, or have formally worked for colleges and departments within education in Cambridge

Your Personal Coach & Trainer

Lorraine Inner Game Leadership PortraitLorraine Warne

Educational and business expert: works with a variety of directors and senior managers to enhance leadership learning in Tokyo, Dubai, Warsaw, London and Cambridge. She holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Education and is a qualified teacher trainer, with many years of experience, formerly working with the Cambridge Department of Education within Homerton College, training undergraduate and postgraduate students to become educational professionals.

A Testimonial Example for the Cambridge IGL product/service

David Russell

Director of The Fusion Works, Cambridge, England.

After being on the leadership learning experience for a 12 month period and having signed up for another 12 months due to the positive impact around my personal development within leadership, I have put together a testimonial below:

The feedback from the team recently is that I now do things differently, especially as being part of the team. Basically the feedback is that I am less argumentative and I can now help other team members solve and avoid conflict with others. I enjoy my role and my work much more too and get greater satisfaction out of working. I am happier within myself, as I now understand how I work.

This has also had a ripple effect on my home life. A great deal of this is because of the different Mindset I now have. To be honest the biggest change I can see in myself is the change of Mindset. I now take ownership and responsibility for my behavior.

Specifically: In terms of managing – we have a lot o work on and instead of being directive I was able to delegate more easily. I now know that leading is not always by being in charge, but delegating to the right people. This leadership learning experience has helped me gain the right tools and knowledge now to be able to do this.

In terms of learning the motivation and using the team motivational map – this was incredibly instructive, especially because of seeing the other motivational maps of the team and being able to identify common areas. It has also made me realize how others work. It gave me terminology to use and a common theme of reference. There are lots of little things though that I have learnt and the learning has now become habit forming behavior form me, which helps any hectic times I have in work become more easily managed.

Since starting the Leadership programme with Lorraine Warne, I have learnt so many new tools and skills to help me in my role and life outside of work. I am a highly motivated person and felt I was achieving good results, however there were areas of my job where sometimes I felt like I was hitting a brick wall. The continuous monthly programme has really helped me to always find a solution to a situation that I might find myself in and this has allowed me to achieve higher success. I have grown in confidence as a person, I feel really empowered by having gained these skills, and putting them into practice and seeing them work. I truly can recommend working this continuous style of leadership programme to help you with self-belief, confidence, motivation, seeing things from difference perspectives, helping to take a step back and reflect to help you make the right decision, to be a better Leader, but also person. The programme is really well structured

Rachel Birkett - Senior Manager, Lotus Group – East Malling Office, England.


A programme of continuous development, supported by experienced Business Managers

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