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Learning is retained and habits are formed more successfully


  • One afternoon per month, a face-to-face workshop designed to facilitate retention and application of new leadership skills. However, if a workshop is missed due to holidays, or other unforeseen circumstances, alternative arrangements via Skype can be arranged with your own personal business learning manager
  • All training is designed by business specialists linked to the University of Cambridge. All leadership training is recognised and endorsed by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) Level 5 leadership qualification can be obtained.  3 additional assignments to be completed over a 2 year period
  • Members only – reinforcement of previous new learning via correlating webinars and videos on the virtual learning environment
  • Access to the Motivational Maps platform, to allow members to measure baseline motivation and progress of their teams in a more science based methodology
  • A chance to network with peers from a variety of International and British based companies. We organise events and dinners at a variety of colleges linked to the University of Cambridge.
  • A complimentary two-hour executive coaching session to be arranged when joining Cambridge Inner Game Leadership membership club.
  • Support from your personal Cambridge Inner Game Leadership business manager – all qualified business coaches and experienced within the field of leadership development
  • Peer groups; formed from different companies and backgrounds, to share challenges, expertise and best practice for solutions; so members feel that they are part of a thriving business community and not alone

Inner Game Leadership Group Discussion Workshop


When member’s first join the Cambridge IGL membership club there is an opportunity to experience a two hour 1:1 Executive coaching session with one of our business managers.

We now provide bespoke Executive coaching programmes, for member’s who wish to continue ongoing continuous growth and development. Special investment rates are available for all Cambridge IGL members.

What are the benefits of business coaching?

  • Better communication and interpersonal skills
  • Increased confidence and motivation
  • Improved conflict resolution
  • Better management performance

ILM research shows that:

  • 95% of learning and development managers say that coaching has delivered tangible benefits to their business
  • 90% of organisations with over 2,000 employees use business coaching


Before you get started on the IGL we want to help you identify your own motivators.  Therefore you will have the opportunity to complete your own individual Motivation Map.  Putting the science into motivational insight. Have access to the Motivational Maps IT Platform for your team.

Performance in any organization depends upon the right direction, the appropriate skills and massive amounts of motivation.

It’s all about the people of an organisation – results are all about people and how they are motivated to move towards using the processes in place or implementing a new strategy. Our experiences are that once someone does a Motivational Map this creates valuable insights for them and they can have insights around their strengths and blind spots.This has helped people optimise opportunity when working with and to create high performance teams.

We know how powerful this can be for teams!  Throughout a 12 month period, thirty-six maps are complimentary for you, or your team, as part of being a member of Cambridge Inner Game Leadership. It works out at 3 maps per month!

How many times have you as a leader created and then wanted to implement a focused and clever strategy plan that you thought was going to transform your organization?  Without the staff buy-in, nothing has then happened, except perhaps more misery and frustration.

Did you know that there are 9 core reasons why we go to work and only 1 of them has anything whatsoever to do with money?  Surprised?

With the breakthroughs being made in the study of Motivation, we can now:

  • Maximising employee motivation
  • Retaining staff
  • Boosting team performance
  • Improving business profitability
  • Recruiting the right staff to complement existing teams

The Motivational Map is an on-line diagnostic tool, which provides an accurate ten page report which is used to help people understand their own individual Internal Motivational Drivers. From this report we know what they really need from their work to be happy and fulfilled. Understanding exactly what motivates individuals in an organization can be used to increase results by;

  • Understand what motivates people at work
  • Describe what motivates them
  • Measure what motivates them
  • Monitor what motivates them
  • Maximise their motivation
I can only stress my full recommendation to others. This has culminated in different ways of how I now manage my role and interactions with others, leading to benefits for all involved. It has also given me clear and succinct direction in terms of pathways that I had not previously considered.
Sandra Kerridge - Relationship Manager, NatWest Bank
Since starting the Leadership programme with Lorraine Warne, I have learnt so many new tools and skills to help me in my role and life outside of work. I am a highly motivated person and felt I was achieving good results, however there were areas of my job where sometimes I felt like I was hitting a brick wall. The continuous monthly programme has really helped me to always find a solution to a situation that I might find myself in and this has allowed me to achieve higher success. I have grown in confidence as a person, I feel really empowered by having gained these skills, and putting them into practice and seeing them work. I truly can recommend working this continuous style of leadership programme to help you with self-belief, confidence, motivation, seeing things from difference perspectives, helping to take a step back and reflect to help you make the right decision, to be a better Leader, but also person. The programme is really well structured
Rachel Birkett - Senior Manager, Lotus Group – East Malling Office, England.


A programme of continuous development, supported by experienced Business Managers