Earn while you learn.  Would you like to join our expert team of online teachers and get paid for helping international children and adults to learn English? 

Teaching and lecturing opportunities for he University of Cambridge alumni and students.  Your time is important to us, so we are flexible and fit around your needs and timetable.  You will learn a skill set which you can transfer in the future, to your next career.


    • Enthusiasm to work with new people and happy to be part of a supportive, kind, collaborative team.
    • Able to work weekends.
    • Have your own computer/laptop, headphones and wifi access.
  • Benefits for you are:

    • Freedom to work from anywhere using the internet.
    • 50-minute lesson slots, very little preparation required as all the content is prepared with easy to read teacher’s notes alongside the lesson content.
    • You choose your hours; work as little as two, or up to six hours a week – if you have graduated then you can choose more hours.
    • Be part of our supportive, professional educational community – have fun while making new friends.
    • Improve your leadership skills and learn from qualified teacher trainers (certification possible).
    • Free online teacher training and free monthly continuous professional development workshops.
    • We provide measures to ensure the safety of the children and the teachers at all times.
    • Starting rate of £15 per hour, up to £50 per hour for teaching offline specialist subjects.
  • A Testimonial from Courtney (Psychology and Education Alumni): I’ve really enjoyed tutoring with Cambridge Inner Game Leadership (CIGL).  I received high quality training from the very beginning and ongoing support throughout the year that I worked as a tutor. The lessons were fun and engaging, the platform was easy to use, and the students were lovely to teach. I’ve enjoyed engaging with a team of committed tutors in ongoing professional development and have learned valuable teaching skills that I’ll be able to take with me wherever I go. Overall, it’s been a great experience, I highly recommend tutoring with CIGL.

  • Your time is important to us, so we are flexible and fit around your needs and timetable.

  • Ryo a PhD engineering student from Christs college says he is “Really enjoying the experience”.  Estelle an Alumni from Wolfson college says, “She really enjoys watching the smiles on the students faces when she gives them a trophy after they have answered correctly”.

  • Email lorraine@innergameleadership.com or ring +447714330600 for more information.

Meet our University of Cambridge Qualified Educational Experts

Lorraine Warne | Cambridge Innergame Leadership | Leadership TrainingLorraine – Founder and Head of People for Cambridge Inner Game Leadership. Expert in Teacher Training, Leadership and Entrepreneurship.  Alumna of Hughes Hall College, University of Cambridge

My expertise is in developing proficient leaders and teachers through Cambridge Inner Game Leadership’s online and in-person training.  I specialise in executive coaching and developing/presenting customised leadership science workshops for senior managers, leaders and rising stars in companies of all sizes.  My  previous clients have ranged from large international companies, such as Microsoft Education, to two-person start-ups requiring expert consultancy to achieve their next level.


Master of Applied Linguistics (psychology of learning)
Postgraduate Certificate in Education
Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in English
Diploma in Executive Coaching

Annie – Expert in Clinical Neuroscience – PhD student at Gonville and Caius College, University of Cambridge

My expertise is in Neuroscience linked with wearable technologies.  I am happy to share opportunities to help others achieve their educational aims and to share knowledge around Neuroscience and my research.


Batchelor of Science (Hons) Biology
M.Res Biomedical Research
PhD Clinical Neuroscience

Daniel – Expert in Physics, Chemistry and Maths – PhD at Christs College, University of Cambridge

My expertise is in novel process development for two-dimensional material growth by chemical vapour deposition and device integration.  I am enthusiastic about sharing my research with others.


PhD Engineering
M.Res in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Master of Science in Natural Sciences

Erin – Expert in Psychology and Education – PhD student at Gonville and Caius College. University of Cambridge

My expertise is in Psychology & Education and I have been part of a social enterprise start up group to developing social-emotional curricula, teacher resources and school training.  I am excited about sharing my research with other students.


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Human Development
Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Psychology and Education
Doctoral Student in Education

Estelle – Expert in Education – Alumna of Wolfson College, University of Cambridge

My expertise is in Second Language Education. My MPhil research is linked to sociolinguistics, social cultural theory, language development and social media, computer/mobile-assisted language learning.  I am very happy to share my research and knowledge with others.


MPhil in Education

Julie – Expert in Mathematics and Biology. Research Fellow of St. Edmunds College, University of Cambridge

My expertise is in mathematics, biology and I completed a PhD in computational chemistry. I lived in Cambridge for more than six years working as a senior researcher.  I enjoy making a difference to others and sharing knowledge.


PhD Simulation Technology
Masters in Numerical Mathematics, Human Biology and Education

Kate Kirk | Cambridge Innergame LeadershipKate – Expert on the Cambridge technology cluster.  Alumna of Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge

My expertise is in the Cambridge UK technology cluster.  I have been researching, writing and lecturing Internationally on what is known as Cambridge Phenomenon for over 15 years. I am co-author of two books about this unique and highly successful technology cluster: ‘The Cambridge Phenomenon: 50 Years of Innovation and Enterprise’, and ‘The Cambridge Phenomenon: Global Impact’.


Master of Science, Communications and Public Relations
Bachelor of Arts, English (First Class Hons)
Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry

Mick Davies | Cambridge Innergame LeadershipMick – Expert in Logical Thinking and Academic Study.  Alumnus of Hughes Hall College, University of Cambridge

My expertise is in teacher training and academic teaching for international students.  I have had the pleasure of working with many students from China and Japan in the past 20 years.


Postgraduate Certificate in Education, University of Cambridge
Batchelor of Arts (Hons)

Peter – Expert in Psychology, Neuroscience and Music – Alumnus of Homerton College.  University of Cambridge

My expertise is in Neuroscience and Music within education.  I am enthusiastic in sharing my research with others so that I can make a difference to the world. I completed my doctorate at Homerton college in 2018.


PhD Education
Master of Arts in Music Performance
Batchelor of Science Psychology

Sam – Expert in Education – PhD at Fitzwilliam College. University of Cambridge

My expertise is in biology.  My research is in novel ‘cold-chain’ independent vaccine and biologic delivery platform.  I have worked writing and editing content for social media outreach promoting gender equality.  I am excited to share my research with others.


PhD Biology
Batchelor of Science (Hons)

Simon | Our World | Inner Game Leadership | Lorraine Warne | CambridgeSimon – Expert in Mindfulness Application Within Business. Working at various colleges within the University of Cambridge

My expertise is in Mindfulness. I have been one of the official Mindfulness Trainers at the University of Cambridge for over the last four years. One of my roles is to help others to avoid stress and conflict within the workplace.


Certificates in Advanced Mindfulness Training (MBPM), Dot B with MISP and Developmental Behavioural Modelling (DBM)

Simon – Expert in Neuro Science.  Professor and Fellow of Churchill College, University of Cambridge

My expertise is in Neuroscience. I have been a Professor at the University of Cambridge for many years.  I am interested in discovering design principles that govern the structure and function of neurons and neural circuits.  It is interesting in the age of Artificial Intelligence to compare the brain to a computer.  In the past, I have investigated several general problem areas related to the brain.  How are circuits designed to integrate information efficiently? How do sensory adaptation and synaptic plasticity contribute to efficiency? How do the sizes of neurons and networks relate to energy consumption and representational capacity?  


Professor of Systems and Computational Neuroscience

Since starting the Leadership programme, I have learnt so many new tools and skills to help me in my role and life outside of work. I am a highly motivated person and felt I was achieving good results, however there were areas of my job where sometimes I felt like I was hitting a brick wall. This really helped me to always find a solution to a situation that I might find myself in and this has allowed me to achieve higher success. I have grown in confidence as a person, I feel really empowered by having gained these skills, and putting them into practice and seeing them work. This Leadership programme will help you with self-belief, confidence, motivation, seeing things from difference perspectives, helping to take a step back and reflect to help you make the right decision, to be a better Leader, but also person. The programme is really well structured.

Rachel Birkett - Senior Manager, Lotus Group – East Malling Office, England.


A programme of Leadership learning development, supported by expert and experienced

Cambridge Inner Game Leadership Business Practitioners