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Our Aim: to help you enable others to reach their purpose, retain their practice
and realign their learning pathways to enable lasting leadership
How: We connect practical leadership with neuro-science and mndfulness, by introducing you to the Cambridge Inner Game Leadership learning methodology. We provide an original approach to leadership development, linked to the University of Cambridge’s latest research on Mindfulness and access to neuro-science educational platforms

Leading Others

  • A 5 day day training to become an expert at teaching the tried and tested leadership content and platforms, and enable your future stars and leaders to “Think and Act Like a Leader.”

  • To arrive on the evening of Tuesday 18th September at the Lucy Cavendish college and to check out in the morning of 24th September 2018.  A further 11 months of Skype training, of 2 hours per month, so that you can expertly use the content learnt and train your own delegates.

  • Certified and able to use the Cambridge Inner Game Leadership teacher training manuals and resources.

  • Option of gaining a Level 5 Leadership Award certificate from the Institute of the Leadership & Management

  • Join our international community of leadership and management specialist and have 100% support from the team here in Cambridge, to help you obtain your training goals and the training goal for your organisation.  Be able to increase your international business networks by being part of the Cambridge Inner Game Leadership alumni.  You will have the opportunity to meet successful executives from Microsoft Research, Marshall Aerospace and many other businesses linked with innovation in Cambridge and London.  We are a business community, helping you to have access to world wide networks.

  • Certificate of completion from Cambridge Inner Game Leadership and the Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge.


Tommaso’s Experience

In this video we hear from Tommaso Busolo who is a PhD student at the University of Cambridge and an Entrepreneur.  He discusses his experience of learning and development with Cambridge Inner Game Leadership and using the content of the Cambridge Inner Game Leadership resources and platforms to help build his new team.


This leadership programme was very useful for me, because I began to really think about managing and coaching on an individual basis. I now have the tools to be an even better leader, manager and coach. I would recommend learning this to anyone who wants to increase their personal performance and get even better at what they do. Which in turn will help increase the results and profits of an organisation.

Ryan McDonald - Senior Business Development Manager., St. James' Place Wealth Management - City Office, London, England.


A programme of continuous development; learn how to become expert at teaching leadership and management to others.