QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Pricing Guide 2022

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ContentArizona based Volunteer Nonprofit EntityHow We Evaluated QuickBooks Desktop Payroll PlansAudience Q&A from Intuit Accountant Town HallWhat is the auto-renewal process for QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus 2022?QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll There’s NO plan to discontinue Desktop Payroll for existing customers. Existing Desktop Enhanced and Basic Payroll Plans with a monthly per-employee fee will see an increase [...]

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What Is Mithril

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ContentsWhat Does That Mean For 'Rings of Power'?The MITH TokenMiningMithral Magic ItemsThe Rings of Power: What's the Deal With Mithril in The Lord of the Rings Series? Tolkien never suggests that sticking two lumps of mithril into an elf's ears would allow them to remain in Middle-earth. The elf-warrior in Gil-galad's myth could be a [...]

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