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Our Aim: is to help you reach your purpose, retain your practice using mind management and leadership science tools.
We can help you realign you learning pathways for lasting leadership learning.
How: We connect practical leadership with neuro-science and mndfulness, by introducing you to Leadership Science. We provide an original approach to leadership development, linked to the University of Cambridge’s latest research on Mindfulness and access to neuro-science educational platforms

Leading Self

  • As we become ‘time poor’, we are expected to deliver more and more as part of our day job.  Now is the time to undertake leadership science learning in a different way.  From research completed at the University of Cambridge, we have found that the Cambridge Inner Game Leadership method can help you retain information easier, and more importantly, apply the new knowledge when you return back into a practical work environment.  Therefore ensuring value for money and a greater return for you or your sponsor.

  • We supply quality rather than quantity, so we work with three to five business delegates at a time.  We use two-hour manageable leadership learning sessions (bite sized chunks of information) which can be delivered via an on-line educational platform.  Combined in-between the leadership science sessions we use an active coaching technique to ensure knowledge is retained and applied within a work environment.

  • The on-line active coaching sessions are completed in-between the leadership science learning experiences and last between 30 to 50 minutes.  We keep the group numbers low to ensure the quality of the delegate centred based learning.

  • Investment discounts for 5 people or more from one organisation can be obtained.

  • Be able to increase your international business networks by being part of the Cambridge Inner Game Leadership alumni.  You will have the opportunity to meet successful executives from Microsoft Research, Marshall Aerospace, Idea Space, University of Cambridge and many other businesses linked with innovation in Cambridge and the rest of the world.  We are a business community, helping you to have access to world wide networks.

  • For a further small investment there is an option of gaining a Level 5 Leadership Award certificate from the Institute of the Leadership & Management.  Cambridge Inner Game Leadership is an approved provider with the Institute of Leadership & Management, to ensure the quality of our product and training.

Claire’s Experience

In this video Claire Davis, People of Operations at Omidyar Network, discusses her leadership learning with Cambridge Inner Game Leadership (CIGL).  Claire is a member of the CIGL alumni.

Since starting the Leadership programme, I have learnt so many new tools and skills to help me in my role and life outside of work. I am a highly motivated person and felt I was achieving good results, however there were areas of my job where sometimes I felt like I was hitting a brick wall. This really helped me to always find a solution to a situation that I might find myself in and this has allowed me to achieve higher success. I have grown in confidence as a person, I feel really empowered by having gained these skills, and putting them into practice and seeing them work. This Leadership programme will help you with self-belief, confidence, motivation, seeing things from difference perspectives, helping to take a step back and reflect to help you make the right decision, to be a better Leader, but also person. The programme is really well structured.
Rachel Birkett - Senior Manager, Lotus Group – East Malling Office, England.


A programme of Leadership learning development, supported by expert and experienced

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